The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Char Dham Yatra Route Map

Embark on an incredible spiritual journey through Northern India with the iconic Char Dham Yatra! Our detailed route map will guide you along every stop of your way, visiting the sacred pilgrimage sites of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Overview of Char Dham Yatra

The Char Dham Yatra is a popular Hindu pilgrimage wherein devotees make their way across the revered sites of Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Located in Uttarakhand, along the banks of River Ganges and its tributaries, your journey will take you up into the majestic Himalayas. Throughout its duration, you can expect to immerse yourself in inspiring countryside views and scenic horizons that will leave you with lasting memories.

Start Point of the Journey: Day 1 – Haridwar

Located between the Garhwal Hills in the north and the inner foothills of Shivaliks in the south, Haridwar marks the start of your Char Dham Yatra. The sacred city was chosen as a site for pilgrimage thousands of years ago and is often referred to as “Moksha Puri”- the gateway to liberation. As one of India’s most revered spiritual centers, it serves as an ideal starting point for your journey through these four holy abodes.

Popular Route : Haridwar → Barkot →Yamunotri → (back)Barkot → Uttarkashi → Gangotri  → (back)Uttarkashi → Guptkashi →Gaurikund → Kedarnath  → Guptkashi →  Pipalkoti  →Badrinath → Haridwar.

Visit to Yamunotri: Day 2-3

After your stay in Haridwar, journey westwards towards Yamunotri. Get ready for the mesmerizing views of the mountains and valleys that come with a trek to this destination! Keep in mind that the last few kilometres are steep and require plenty of stamina. Make sure you soak up the beauty before ending your journey at Yamunotri temple on Day 2!

Visit to Gangotri: Day 4-5

The fourth leg of your journey is an adventure-filled ride to Gangotri. Get ready for stunning views as you pass through breathtaking waterfalls and lush forests. Enjoy a sacred dip in the river here before heading back with plenty of memories! On Day 4, visit the Gangotri Temple ! Take some time to admire the beauty of this place before ending your journey at Guptkashi on Day 5.

Visit to Kedarnath  : Day 6-8

Now it’s time to visit one of the most religious and important pilgrimage sites in India. Get ready to explore Kedarnath deeply spiritual places known for their majestic beauty, old temple structures and vibrant culture. Spend quality time at these sites, engaging in activities such as taking blessings from priests, buying souvenirs and simply looking up at the glorious views around you.

Visit to Badrinath  : Day 9-10

On your ninth and tenth day of visit, let the spiritual vibes of Badrinath shower upon you. Relish the beautiful display of waterfalls and forests as you make your way there. On arrival, pay respect by taking a dip in the divine river before doing a short sightseeing tour to take in the beauty of this sacred place. Make a visit to Badrinath Temple on Day 9, soak up its soulful atmosphere, then finally head back home with lovely memories from your journey at Haridwar by Day 10!

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